UPDATE: Book sale over with orders crossing the 90 mark. Thanks all for the support!

UPDATE: Book sale over with orders crossing the 90 mark. Thanks all for the support!

IM IM_Kgwm
Mar 20, 2017, 9:18 AM |


Well firstly, the bad news first: the approximately 3 hour-lecture by reknowned trainer and author, Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard, is officially sold out! Of course, the organisers are absolutely delighted with this but we do feel for those who we have to turn away because of the limited capacity. I will visit the venue again some time this week just to see if we can squeeze in a few more seats and it does help that it is right next to my work place. No promises except that I'll do my best.

I've already had a couple of sign-ups on the reserve list and I urge those who have signed up to turn up please, as you would otherwise be taking up places for those who genuinely wish to attend. Please let me know ahead of time if you wish to withdraw so that I can inform those on the reserve list to show up.

The exact subject of the lecture will be on the Four Types of Decisions that one generally has to make at the chess board. Jacob will go through his own grouping, i.e. automatic decisions, simple decisions, critical moments and strategic decisions, and discuss why thinking about the decisions made at the chess board in this way makes sense. I personally cannot think of a more complex but relevant subject matter for a lecture. I have no clue of the exact material that Jacob is going to present on the day but I am personally extremely excited and I hope you are too.


And now for the good news. Jacob has decided to do a bulk sale of almost all books (almost, because some are sadly out of print) published by Quality Chess for the chess community in Singapore. The amount of discount will be given based on a tiered system and can go up to 40%, depending on the total number of orders. 


Here's what we gonna do:

1) Visit www.qualitychess.co.uk. Yes, do it now. Like, right now;

2) Select the books that you wish to purchase;

3) Email your wishlist to kgwm83@hotmail.com by 28th March 2017, 2359 hours, GMT+8. No orders will be entertained after the h-hour. The reason for the rush is that being Singaporeans, we do want to make sure Jacob is thoroughly exhausted by the end of his visit and forcing him to sign some autographs on 12th April will definitely help;

4) I will tally the orders, and if we do hit the magic number of at least 80 books in total, we will all enjoy a fantastic 40% discount. To put things into perspective, a paperback edition of Grandmaster Preparation - Calculation will be priced at SGD23.99 (@ 40% discount) instead of the retail price of 24.99 Euros! 

5) I will then reply your email to wire me the exact amount of cash that you need to pay. For obvious reasons, your final order will only be placed when I receive full payment. 


This offer is open to everyone - including those who are not able to attend the lecture. Please also note that the organisers are organising this for the benefit of the local chess community and we do not receive any form of commission from Quality Chess or otherwise.

Guys, it is up to you now. You've got exactly 7 days to place your order. Lets hit that magic number!