Chessed-out: Out-of-favour or bullied?

Sep 23, 2016, 6:29 PM |

Besides chess... It's outright ridiculous and un-believable that "Christianity" in the 21st century is still the target of scornful and contemptuous language. Almost like an ongoing war-game to see who gets the last word! If this targeting is not a form of propaganda, then it is, no doubt, one hell of an accusation (or a falling out-of-favour... with the BIG GUY?). 

In the meantime, I am certain that many wonderful people out there can share with us the following Christian values, until we (who are out-of-favour) sort things out.

Christian values: values (or hope)

4.truthfulness (or honesty)





What I mean by sorting things out is: First, identifying, and then subduing one of the three main villains in Christian folklore, the BIG BULLY(the dumb beast)! The other two villains(the "false prophet" and the "ancient serpent"), are not as easy to identify. In the 21st century all this sounds like a video game! What ELSE is keeping you busy?

If this legend ain't real, then you can all let yourselves be bullied unto death... Or, you can deal with it, before we take it to the next stage that gets a little trickier. 

Until then, the "false one" better get his story straight! Because, he is next up on the line. 

Is it just me, or being chessed-out has my trumpet blowing...