Losing my religion

Losing my religion

Nov 24, 2011, 9:52 PM |

R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if-UzXIQ5vw&ob=av3e

OK, its been a while since i last posted my change of perspective on science and Christianity. So i thought i better up date my current perspective and give a brief explanation as to why i no longer believe in any anything supernatural, including deities, for anyone who actually gives a crap. I thought about going from my conversion until my de-conversion, but i have decided not to bother.

OK, i suppose the beginning came from learning about science, including cosmology, biology, paleontology, geology ect, ect, ect, at least the basic understanding of it. This was to be an eye opener on how the world actually works and why as opposed to what i had once thought as a YEC Christian. I was lied to by the creationist Christian leaders to such a degree i argued with arrogance that science couldn't be right and the bible was true. When i found out how wrong i was about the issue of science, i began to ask what other things could i be wrong about? How come God didn't tell me this? Not only did God not speak to me and tell me it was wrong attitude, but as the link below shows my subconscious biases was shown for what it was when i thought i heard from God as He had answered my prayers on where He came from. Imagine my confusion at being disillusioned.


Anyway i ignored this terrible feeling for  a few months and found evolutionary creationism, which is distinct from creationists perspective theologically.

But gradually it became more and more obvious i had no real substance to accept the belief in God. Especially when i started to learn more about why others lost their faith and where religion actually comes from. History of God and the bible so to speak. I had no evidence for any miracles from prayers that natural chance or medical help couldn't have accounted for. I had plenty of evidence to show it didn't work when it counted and that much of the old testament was mythical and unprovable nonsense. I had learned that there are in fact around 10,000 religions out there and most if not all claim to be the absolute truth and others false without any of them being able to demonstrate they were more true then another. The best arguments i had were God of the gaps, in which if science hadn't solved it, it must be God behind it. This was no longer satisfactory for me. I like to believe in things i can reasonable prove or at least have decent substance for. I have found you can infact have a purposeful moral life whether you're a believer or not and in fact more secular countries tended to be better morally in general. So no evidence of god breathed morality from Christians or any religion over those who didn't believe. The bible was full of horrible things i hadn't noticed when i was so blindly believing that i could now see once i read the whole thing from a more unbiased perspective. Basically i couldn't see anything but a man made fear driven controlling mechanism from an ancient middle eastern ideals, telling us what to believe and claiming absolute knowledge they couldn't possibly know about.

All of this lead me to ask, why am i believing in something i cannot prove in any meaningful way, when i wouldn't for anything else? In the end i couldn't justify keeping faith without evidence and good reasoning based on that evidence.

So that's why i am now an Agnostic Atheist and a Secular Humanist.

Here are some links on what that actually is and a brief description on my view summarized.



"Implying a supernatural cause exists without evidence of the sort simply because science hasn't yet worked out how it all goes isn't credible or useful to anyone. Atheism or none belief should be the stance for anyone who is intellectually honest enough to not take peoples word for it, but demand some kind of method to verify it. Science continues to make god smaller and less likely. I have only seen religion limit our progress, so i have no reason to assume god exists or is needed to explain how things got here."