My new view of Science and Christianity

Dec 13, 2010, 6:50 PM |

Due to the over whelming evidences i have researched on this creationist vs evolutionist debate. it is clear that to follow a to literal interpretation of the bible is an erroneous ideal that will damage our faith and not protect it.

I cannot logic the evidences for evolution away, but at the same time it still doesn't challenge God's revelation of fundamental truth of whats in His word.

I do how ever acknowledge that the bible is not a science text book and should never be truly used for that purpose.

I have understood more fully why young earth creationist models fall apart and why science hasn't accepted the ID movement either.

I also understand that natural sciences do indeed have there limitations and it doesn't as some Atheist's assert, dismiss or lay claim that there is no room or need for God, that becomes a matter of a philosophical/theological view and not the view of science as such since science only concerns itself with observable things, and not whether God/s exist or not.

So i am still a Christian, but i believe the below perspective best matches the way it should be in the 21st century and beyond, so then our kids who believe in Christ do not misunderstand the difference between true science and a materialist perspective from agnostics or Atheists view of the world, to how science deals with the natural world. So below is my new perspective on this issue;

Evolutionary Creationism (E.C.)
Despite its name, evolutionary creationism (EC) is actually a type of evolution. Here, God the Creator uses evolution to bring about the universe according to God's plan. From a scientific point of view, evolutionary creationism is hardly distinguishable from theistic evolution, which follows it on the continuum. The differences between EC and theistic evolution lie not in science but in theology, with EC being held by more conservative (Evangelical) Christians, who view God as being more actively involved in evolution than do most theistic evolutionists (Lamoureux, 2008).

Here are links to sites for more information;

The 16 links is from a science teacher who is both Christian and a believer in evolution (E.C.) and explains things nicely on the subject.
How should the natural sciences be taught by Christian educators? These 16 lessons approach the subject from a position that respects both the authority of scripture and the integrity of the scientific method. For more information, or to get this series on DVD, please visit

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This quote summarizes it nicely;

"Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof."
-Ashley Montagu-
British-American anthropologist and humanist (June 28, 1905-November 26, 1999)