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Dipped my toe - the water was bloody cold
The Twice Hanging Queen

Dipped my toe - the water was bloody cold

Dec 27, 2017, 11:54 PM 1

Well I dipped my toe in the water, metaphorically speaking, and played 2 live 15/10 games. My rating was at about 1200 being a newcomer so I got a 1200 player first time up. Going really well, focusing on my blistering attack, aka Philidor's defence, got to a dominant position before hanging my queen twice (he missed it the first time - so did I !!!!), and was checkmated 2 moves after that. Next game, similar pattern, however the poor bugger blundered his queen on the very next move and had to resign. Swings and roundabouts but blundering my queen both time shows I need to remember that the player on the other side of the board has plans also. I also need to check my 'blistering' attacks by taking a little more time before charging like Custer into Little Big Horn. Oh well, over my beginners nerves now and I expect my rating will soon settle down (down being the operative word) to around the 950 mark ?.

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