Just a thought......about a certain theory.

Just a thought......about a certain theory.

Mar 20, 2018, 7:33 AM |


According to the theory, theoretically, that theory is theoretically theoreticall........

But the question sounds; is that theory practical?

The answer is, at once I'll say; only theoretically.....

With absolute certainty, and a sense of awe, I admit, that the theory is theoretically practical, but only theoretically since it is not practical.

Why is it not practical?

Because it is too theoreticall.

It is too theoretical, and too litlle practical to be a theory, it now practically became a certain idea.

An unpractical one,

and so theoreticall, that it is not theoreticall at all....

It lost all its theoreticall contense, and became much more.

However, it regained the theory, dreamt of practicality, found none, and again retreated into its earlier state.....

It now lives in a quiet place, inhabiting a heart, with sadness leaving the mind.....

It's name is love.