Silence in a street.

Silence in a street.

Apr 10, 2018, 11:00 AM |

When you want to tell a friend of yours about something, you say that particular thing IS.

For example you can say "There is a silent street"

But what if your friend is so far away, that at the time your words will reach them, the street shall since long be gone. or its silence, will have left a long time ago.

So what should your words be?

How will you tell your friend, who is so far away, of the silent street, or of its silence?

Will you say "There is a silent street" or "There once was a silent street"?

Time would make the street, or the street's silence, disappear without a trace. 

Or perhaps with a trace. 


Your words will be the trace, the footprint, of one more thing taken away by time.

Of the silent street. Or of its silence.

Your friend, who is so far away, will know of the street, and of the street's silence.

The street, or the silence will since long be gone by then. But, another ideally identicall, so identicall to be the very same, street shall be born.

It will live in your friend's mind, or in in your friend's heart as well.

The street and the silence, which they heard about from you.

Therefore....there is a silent street.

I am sitting on a bench, and watching, this silent street. The street and the silence.

For me, that street is gone now, with its silence. 

But, it lives for you. It is now starting to live again, while you read these words.

There is a silent street.