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A move too slow - Day 11 of 100

A move too slow - Day 11 of 100

Jan 12, 2018, 2:37 AM 0

Another day where I didn't play many games however I'm trying to prioritize quality over quantity. Been finding some neat tactics and subtle moves however I tend to find them a move or two too late, or even just a move or two after I could've found them. I think this is due to a small case of tunnel vision I need to try and get rid of. Here are my 10 minute games from the day! 

Game 1: Nice dutch defense, taking advantage of weak lightsquares

Game 2: London system! got a beautiful outpost on d6 which dominated the whole game! Making an effort to play more positionally as this is where I am weakest. 
Game 3: London system vs 1700+, not ideal game


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