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Bullet Bullet Bullet - Day 17

Bullet Bullet Bullet - Day 17

Jan 19, 2018, 11:02 PM 0
Day 17: Spent the morning playing some bullet as this is where I need some serious improvement. However this has not gotten better as my slow chess has improved. Since the start of this challenge I've managed to get my blitz and rapid rating up a considerable amount; however when the clock gets down I play poorly so this is where I need to practice. I'm going to play 2 l 1 until I can play a reasonable level of chess then I'll move on to 1 min. Went to the Wellington chess club today like I do every week, and we just had a casual blitz tournament. I ended up scoring 4 1/2 out of 9 rounds. Was pretty happy with this result, got some wins against strong players! Unfortunately don't have any notation from the games. One game went seriously wrong with possibly the worst london system I've ever played. Beat a strong player with the dutch and some pawn sacrifices. Also beat another strong player with the scotch gambit. However flagged when playing an interesting positional end game (which was losing for me). 

 Wellington Chess Club game; In a 5 minute Blitz game, was proud when I spotted this perpetual tactic after a poor opening. Opponent could've gone for queen sac line but chose to take the draw.
Bullet Game 3: A good example of my decision making under time pressure tongue.png Blunders blunders blunders.
Bullet game 4; Aggresive play!
Bullet game 5; Trapped knight rook or hanging knight


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