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Day 10!

Day 10!

Jan 11, 2018, 4:18 AM 0

Day 10: I've fit in a few games of blitz today, all 10 minute games which is a bonus. Because I've gained a lot of rating recently I've been playing much higher rated opponents which takes a bit of adjusting to. 1600+ players have much more accurate calculation so I've found more and more of my mistakes being taken advantage of. Still away from home so not had a lot of time for tactics and general studying. 


Game 1: Just getting outplayed tongue.png  Not to comfortable with the london yet.

Game 2: Getting better at converting a pawn or two up positions, took a bit longer than necessary but still got there!

Game 3: Giving up material for open lines - too much material tongue.png

Game 4: Nice sneaky checkmate, incorrect defending. 


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