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Day 14. The new d4 lifestyle

Day 14. The new d4 lifestyle

Jan 17, 2018, 12:59 AM 0

Day 14: Still sticking to 10 minute blitz which has been a good time control for me lately. D4 is starting to feel a lot more natural and I've been enjoying the slower developing attacks from the london! It's a refreshing change from e4. Been grinding away slowly at tactics and feel I've been improving however another challenge I've been facing is move order. I'm struggling to mix up move orders especially with sacrificing first, rather than trying to outright win material. 

Game 1: Using the London system more than usual and these positions feel a lot more familiar to me now. 

Game 2: French and strong attack, However wasn't playing great moves once I'd gained momentum. 
Game 3: More positional game; still not my strong point

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