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Day 19 - Making it difficult

Day 19 - Making it difficult

Jan 23, 2018, 1:46 PM 0

Day 19: Was busy today and had work so didn't get too many games in but was still happy with a few instructive games. The rapid game I played was beneficial as I got to try and cause mischief while in a bad position, which is something I need practice with. I've been behind on post's lately so this is a few days ago; however I'm keeping up with games... just not the posts tongue.png

Rapid game 1: 

 A few bad decisions in this game, firstly got my bishop trapped. But I managed to get some tricky counter play from this. I found this counter attack quite instructive however I made some miscalculations and It came to nothing. 


Blitz game: Sloppy tactics. 
Top Bullet game; 


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