Day 2! (100 day chess challenge)

Day 2! (100 day chess challenge)

Jan 3, 2018, 2:20 AM |

Day 2.

Been getting into time scrambles too often, which isn't the best for improvement (especially endgames). So I decided today to play mainly 10 min blitz, while i was still getting down on the clock, I feel my moves were a lot more precise. Decided to do this time control after watching myteachersam's stream ( Got one game against him, ended up making a few mistakes but it was a good game. Is very enjoyable watching lower rated streamers! After watching GM's and IM's most the time this is really refreshing! 

Game 1

Also managed to get my tactics rating over 1700! Been trying to take the most critical, testing lines possible. Focusing on improving rather than winning. I have a slight obsession with rating points so this is hard
Game 3
All around solid game, capitalzing on errors. 
Game 4
Strong tactics,
Daily 960 game
Recently made a break through, poor endgame skills had me struggling but after a proper look at the position, this breakthrough came to me.