Day 3! (100 day chess challenge)

Day 3! (100 day chess challenge)

Jan 4, 2018, 8:27 PM |

Day 3! 
Still haven't fully got into the learning frame of mind, more games than not tend to me quick blitz games. However I have been playing more 10minute games which are better. Tomorrow I hope to get in more rapid games as I don't often play these. I have a decent rating in rapid at the moment but due to this I want to keep it. However I need to change this perspective, games need to be for improvement and fun, not rating. This will be a barrier for me. Opening Dilema; I have been having excellent games playing black in the french defense, however as soon as i face this opening as white I have no idea what to do, as I essentially don't like many approaches in the main lines.  

Quick Tactics, Game 1

I've found myself spotting these tactics more and more in games

Out for blood; Game two. 

Opponent made a few critical errors which led to this nice checkmate.

Oppisite colour bishop (Blitz) 
Could've been handled a lot better, a poor game generally but provided some good lessons. King placement being the main one. A few errors and poor time management (despite an incriment). This is where a longer play game would've been valuable. 
Interesting Daily Game Positions.
Have a very stong queen and knight combo near whites nearly naked king. However don't see a mate; my main concern here is seeing whites move after king d8 (I feel knight c6 is losing too much momentum and also allow Qxg7). If white next move is Qa3, this threatens an eventual Qd6 check which would be very troublesom indeed. My main priority here is stopping counterplay, as I'm up in position and material.
Scotch gambit; beautiful position! Surely going to be some hearty material gain.
(Internet stuffed up yesterday so this is a day late)