Day 4 (100 day chess challenge)

Day 4 (100 day chess challenge)

Jan 5, 2018, 4:20 AM |

A pretty productive day really, playing more 10 minutes games which has enabled some quality moves. Been watching a few streams including AlexandraBotez and MyTeacherSam. Managed to get a game in today with Alexandra who is a WFM which was cool. Also noted some good advice from Sam which was, tactic's help, but don't rush them; take as long as you need to fully understand them. Looking forward to being back in Wellington where I can play standard games OTB. 

Feel free to challenge me!! Or tips are more than welcome.


Game vs Alexandra Botez

Tactic I found; never give up hope! 
Full game (time scramble at the end)

Game three - Looking for the draw
As I've increased in rating i've learned to play for draws, when losing. This is an essential skill.
Castle that king! Or watch your f pawn...