Day 5 - COMEBACKS!! (100 day chess challenge)

Day 5 - COMEBACKS!! (100 day chess challenge)

Jan 6, 2018, 12:20 AM |

Day 5:
Hello people! Day 5 of my 100 day chess challenge has been a productive one! Managed to get my tactics rating up another 50 points, so it's now over 1750; the key to this improvement has been a newfound patience tongue.png Played a mixture of 10 minute and 3 minute blitz and also slipped a rapid game in there. There was some shifty tricks, with a lot of flagging and last minute saves happening; but hey, I'm not complaining! Had some instructive games none the less. (These are just a selection, not the whole lot). Also did vision training as my notion skills are marginal tongue.png 

Game 1:

Unusual opening and I gave away some crucial squares but managed to get away with an unsound attack on the kingside. Allowed too much counter-play. 

Game 2:
Surviving a sacrifice! My opponent in this game sacrificed a piece for a dangerous but unsound attack. Some of my responses to this were also unsound but practical. It's important to know the ideas when defending again sacrifices!! Fortunately I weathered the storm and spotted a cheeky early checkmate.
Game 3:
Found a handy tactic, which resulted in winning a minor however black had a possible interesting reply. Could've lead to a positional queen sacrifice by me but the opponent resigned after missing this move.
Game 4:
Game 5:
Played one rapid game today! Gave myself a bit more time for once, as I always seem to be getting down on the clock! Plus I feel slower games are crucial for improvement! Found a nice tactic to win a knight but foolishly gave the piece in the endgame, however it was already won.
Other tactics I've used in games today!