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Day 9

Day 9

Jan 10, 2018, 2:13 AM 0

Day 9!
Been travelling today and catching up with my brother so could only slip in a few games. Had a few good ones but not the most accurate play all around. I think this has been a consistent theme so far tongue.png  I've been improving my instincts but my accuracy and calculation needs work if I am to improve further. Mainly 5 and 10 minute games! Please challenge me or message me with any queries.

Game 1; 
dodgy tactics. The london is starting to feel more familiar.

Game 2: Exchange sacrifice; and revealed check to block a check... which also Wins queen! Not everyday you see that one.
Game 3: Waiting for the opponent to blunder!
Game 4: Time trouble for the opponent so a draw! Awful endgame technique by me surprise.png


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