Day One. The Challenge Begins! (100 days of chess)

Day One. The Challenge Begins! (100 days of chess)

Jan 1, 2018, 11:22 PM |

Hello my friends! It's a new year, which seems like a good time for a new challenge happy.png For the next 100 days I'm going to post my daily progress through my favorite games, puzzles, daily game moves, daily blunders, and just my general approach to improving. 

I encourage everyone else to give this ago! Don't let 2018 be wasted
Any feedback on my approach or games would be hugely appreciated, also feel free to challenge me whatever rating you are! 

Day 1:
Beginning ratings (some are a bit higher than they should be tongue.png)
Blitz: 1404
Bullet: 1437
Rapid: 1518
Lessons: 1910
Tactics: 1683
Daily: 1572

Today, I eased into the challenge with mainly 3 l 2 Blitz and 1 Bullet. This didn't go the best with my rating taking a bit of a tumble, falling for some basic tactics. However I can only go up from here haha. As for my playing style, I'm a relatively aggressive player that tends to be "all in", relying on tactics to win games, rather than positional play. As white I'm an e4 player, and enjoy gambits, particularly the scotch gambit. Also play the french defense and the dutch defense. I'm rather bad at drawn or boring positions, and endgames, so this is where I aim to improve.

Day 1; Blitz game (White)
Here is a game from today where my opponent lost from the opening, with the scotch providing some tricky king safety issues. 
Day 1; Blitz game (White)
Recenlty I've become a lot more comfortable with sacrificing and here is a nice exchange sacrifice, however missed the crushing follow up tactic. Was an awkward opening and middle game menouvering wasn't the best. Won on time. 

Day 1; Blitz Game (Black)
Another shafty lil tactic. From an exchange french, won by resignation.