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End Game Strife! [Day 7 of 100]

End Game Strife! [Day 7 of 100]

Jan 8, 2018, 3:10 AM 0

Day 7:
A Reasonably successful day; however most of it was spend playing bullet; these games are dirtttty! Not the best way to spend time but was feeling like some bullet. Played a 5min blitz tournament in the early hours and played some great games until the internet dropped out mid-game! Other than this I played 3  10 minute games which went well; feel I am managing time a lot better and my thought process is a little less foggy. However today was not good in regards to tactics, my rating is as high as it should be at this point surprise.png 

Game one; 10 min. double rook sac tactic. Could've ending up in a losing or drawn endgame, if the opponent found the correct response, however he did not. 

Game two; 10 min. Smothered Mate!!! Nice french, opponent overseeing fatal move
Game Three; 10 min. Misplayed endgame! Really need to work on endgame technique and theory. With blitz being the majority of my games I never seem to have excessive time on the clock when I reach endgames. This is a problem as I am weak in this area anyway; but with low time it's even worse tongue.png
Top Tournament games: Games vs 1800 +:
Opponent blundered due to time scramble. 5 min 
Disconnected in even/winning position vs 2000 rated! 5 min
Draw by repetition-  5 min. Higher rated opponent was trying to flag me as I was very low on time but thank goodness for premoves. 


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