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Stalemate fun! Day 8 of 100.

Stalemate fun! Day 8 of 100.

Jan 9, 2018, 5:17 AM 0

Day 8: Wasn't feeling super in the groove, so just played a few 10 mins which didn't go great. However a few instructive moments appeared. Managing to get more and more draws as time goes on which I think is a good thing tongue.png Well my ability to spot stalemates and perpetuals must've improved anyway! Been watching a lot of streams lately! When things settle down a bit and I have more time, I'm going to study more endgame theory! Sorry for the short caption.

Game 1: 

Game 2, too many blunders!
Game 3: Early blunder; So did a silly sac tried to come back with interesting attack!
Game 4: Unfortunate draw vs Sam
Game 5: Opponents not taking obvious draw, however poor use of zugzwang tongue.png


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