A Scrappy King's Indian Battle

GM Illingworth

Just like in yesterday's post, I have analysed a nice attacking win from a very recent Grandmaster game.

However, this one has some puzzles for you to solve!

Let's get right into them, and see if you can play as well as a Grandmaster!

Puzzle #1: A trap behind the scenes

Puzzle #2: Our Ideas and Their Ideas

Puzzle #3: Diffusing the Dynamite

Puzzle #4: Move Order Matters!

Puzzle #5: No rest for the wicked!

How did you go with the puzzles? As a reward for getting through them, here are my full notes to the game.

White may have won the opening battle, but Black won the war! That's a common story in the King's Indian Defence - Black will not always achieve equality, but he gets chances to fight for the initiative and attack. 

What did you learn from this post? 

How are you going to apply these lessons to your own games and training? 

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