More Puzzles (My FIDE World Cup Commentary Cancelled - See Post)

More Puzzles (My FIDE World Cup Commentary Cancelled - See Post)

GM Illingworth
Sep 26, 2017, 9:54 AM |

On Wednesday 27th September, 21:00 Sydney time, Candidates qualifiers Levon Aronian and Ding Liren (pictured above) will slug it out in rapid (and if necessary, blitz) tiebreakers to decide who will win the 2017 FIDE World Cup! I will be streaming live commentary on the key tiebreak games from Sep 27, 21:00 Sydney time (11:00 GMT, 04:00 PST, 16:30 Mumbai time) on both Twitch and Youtube for the first time! I am completely new to this so I hope there will be no major problems, but the Twitch link is while the Youtube stream (if I can get it running) will be under my own name (Max Illingworth). 

Update: Unfortunately I have had to cancel my livestream as I came down with some illness in the last few hours. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, here are a few puzzles I composed tonight while visiting the Norths Chess Club. I am most proud of the third one, which could be considered an endgame study of sorts. It is White to play in all three positions.

What is the correct evaluation of the position? If it is a White win, how do you win? If it's a draw, how does Black hold the draw?
This one is quite a lot easier, but still rather cute.
To make this one more interesting, I won't reveal just yet whether White is playing to win or draw!
As at least one of these puzzles will probably prove very difficult, I will wait until Monday evening (Sydney time) before I post the solutions. In the meantime, feel free to post your answers or otherwise discuss the positions