Fight Fire with Fire
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Fight Fire with Fire

GM Illingworth

Hello chess friends!

For today's post I have analyzed a short game from last year's PRO Chess League, from which we can learn an important concept about playing positions with a material advantage:

  • We shouldn't assume that the material advantage will win by itself!

Sure, it's important to keep control of the position when up material, but we have a much better chance of this by keeping our pieces as active as possible, as opposed to obsessing too much about our opponent's ideas at the expense of improving our position. 

Applying this to gambits, in my notes we'll see examples of both approaches - returning the material later to wrest the initiative from the opponent, and grabbing the pawn followed by consolidating the position with normal developing moves. As always, the best move depends on the position at hand.

That's all for today, see you tomorrow with a new post!