Sutovsky's Stunning Sacrifices!

GM Illingworth

What is your favourite chess game played in the year 2002?

It may seem an oddly specific question - after all, there will be many readers who hadn't yet discovered chess in 2002!

However, that is the year I started reading the 'New In Chess' magazine, and, not by coincidence, also the first year that I started to work seriously on my chess (with help from my coach at the time), reading a lot of chess books and playing through nice games. 

I had not looked at the brilliancy below in a long time, but when I revisited it in the video below, the initial magic and wonder I felt as a 9-year old returned to me, even now, as a Grandmaster  

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To get the most out of the video, either hit 'pause' on the video when I ask you a question, or, even better, think about the positions below, and compare your ideas with my analysis.

For those of you that play the Sveshnikov - do you know the move order leading to this position? What should Black play?
Black has just played 13...b7-b5. What should White play in reply? And what might have been a safer choice for Black, instead of 13...b5?
This is a bonus puzzle, as a variation from the game. How do you assess the position, and what should Black play? 
This is possibly the toughest puzzle from the game. Black to play - how should you defend against White's attack?
Black resigned after White's next move. How does White win by force? 
I hope that this game really inspired you!

After you've watched the video, I'd like to ask you - what did you learn about attacking the king from this video?
I hope this game also gave you some inspiration against the 'Sveshnikov' repertoire - I know that, as a junior, I also found this 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Anti-Sveshnikov move order quite tricky to deal with, as 3...Nf6 4.Bb5 gives White an improved Rossolimo, whereas we saw 3...e5 in the game. After other moves, White is able to avoid the Sveshnikov, and transpose to a different Open Sicilian.
Thank you very much for your attention! See you in the next post/video