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    • R.I.P. Viktor Korchnoi 1931 - 2016

      R.I.P. Viktor Korchnoi, at the ripe age of 85.   A champion of democracy at a time when tensions were high, Viktor became one of the first prominent players to defect from the USSR and successfully escape to the west in 1976. He is widely consi... | Read More

    • The Best Instructional Chess Video Ever Made!

      Dear friends, If you have enjoyed the material that I have produced here on over the years, please check out the following video. This video is single handedly the main inspiration for a lot of my topics, and it is arguably the best in... | Read More

    • Chess Reigns Supreme in Armenia

      As a follow up to my previous blog entry a long time ago, check out this interesting article in the Wall Street Journal.  I get asked all the time by members whether or not chess is popular in certain places around the world.  Here is an example... | Read More

    • Armenian National Team Receives an Amazing "Welcome Home"

      Upon returning to Armenia, fresh off a triumphant victory at the Olympiad, the Armenian National Team received an incredibly warm welcome after landing in the airport.  People lined the streets as the players were paraded around the city in a car... | Read More

    • Xtreme Chess Championships Episode 3 is Now Live

      Hello everybody, In case you have not seen the previous episodes yet, this was a project that I was involved with back in January 2011.  Let me know what you think.  Keep in mind that the target audience for this production was not intermediat... | Read More