Dec 30, 2017, 6:27 PM |

About a month ago I competed in the u2000 tournament during the Thanksgiving weekend. My goal, of course to win nonstop like only Fischer and I can, and hopefully reach 2000 as well as cash out. It was a small section, only 9 players competed, but I knew I had the skill to beat everyone there without much effort. 

Unfortunately for me, I got real sick, and it affected my play. 

My first round I played an 1800ish rated player, and I got a good position out of the opening, and well... this happened.

I was a first round upset. And unfortunately for me, given the odd number of players I was given a bye round two. I really wanted to play and crush someone. 

So I didn't have a second round.

On my third round I was paired up against another 1800. I also felt like I got a good opening position but well, again I screwed up. Because I was sick. I wasn't on peak form so I missed some opportunities to destroy him.

It was the first time in idk how long that I started out with two losses. Technically I had a win, but it was the bye I received the second round. I wasn't playing as good as I had hoped for, because I was sick, but it didn't matter. I knew I had to finish with a win to at least regain some of my rating points that I lost in my first two rounds.

But it didn't go as I had hoped.

Any other day I would've brutally destroyed everyone in my path and taken first place EZ, but I was sick so I underperformed. I dropped down to the dreadful 1800s. It was painful, mainly because I played while being sick. And because Genta wasn't in the same room as me. (I play better when I'm in the same room as Genta)