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III Memorial Jesus Martin: A Nice Miniature (Scandinavian, Portuguese Variation)

III Memorial Jesus Martin: A Nice Miniature (Scandinavian, Portuguese Variation)

Dec 11, 2017, 12:27 PM 4

After the finish of XI Obert Vila Gracia (see here) I joined III Memorial Jesus Martin, a rapid (20+10) tournament where two games are played on three consecutive Mondays. 

I haven't been super happy with the positions I get out of Caro-Kann recently and have therefore  started experimenting with the complete opposite approach: the super-sharp Scandinavian Portuguese variation. I recently watched this video by GM David Smerdon and just got these two books:



You can read Arne Moll's review of Smerdon's Scandinavian Portuguese bible here. I will write a review  of the more beginner-oriented superb book by Moret (covering also the Albin Countergambit and the Stonewall defense), soon. 

In the 1st week I lost with white against the Modern and won pretty easily with Black using the Scandinavian. Unfortunately I didn't write down the game right after and so can't show it to you. This week I drew with white and then won a quick game with Black with the Scandinavian again. Here it is as a puzzle (make sure you click through the rest afterwards):



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