My 1st Tournament Game: A Missed Opportunity (Caro-Kann, Fantasy Variation)

My 1st Tournament Game: A Missed Opportunity (Caro-Kann, Fantasy Variation)

Oct 24, 2017, 12:29 PM |

Chesswise, I'm a product of the internet. Having played on here for a few years, I had never played an OTB tournament before this summer when I tried my hand in a few Blitz/Rapid tournaments in Estonia (10 and 15+3). Having recently moved to Barcelona, I decided to join a long time control (90+30) tournament at the Tres Peons chess club ( It's called XI Obert Vila de Gracia and features about 64 players.

My first round was a "Descanso" (uno punto y dormir they punto and fiesta said I and me and my girlfriend went to see a Prince tribute by Alex Dee - highly recommended!).

In the second round I drew Black against Jose Luis Puertas Manzana, Catalan Elo: 2212, FIDE 2023. I'm unrated, so I have the base Catalan Elo of 1700, No FIDE yet.

Jose played e4, I played my standard response, the Caro-Kann, and he surprised me with the Fantasy variation. I chose an interesting continuation, played well and was happy with myself, but unfortunately it ended up being a missed opportunity to score a memorable upset.

Here is the critical position as a puzzle - do better than me and don't miss the win! happy.png


Here is the whole game with annotations:


Main Lessons:

- In critical situations always, always, always consider the most forcing moves first! (19..Rxf4!!)

- Don't EVER get seduced by your plan - always also consider your opponent's replies! (21..Nf8?)