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Loving the French

Dec 27, 2010, 10:50 AM 0

I have been playing the french defence as a response to e4 ever since i got bored of the italian game as a kid and have grown to love it. An amateur player not very good at it but i have recently bought IM John Watson book on playing the french and i am trying to understand it a little bit better. As part of my studying i was going through this game which finishes off in a very nice mating pattern. For those of you that are more experienced than i am what do you think of the response of white to the winawer......6.dxc5 ?(the question mark is to ask a quesiton and not critisize the move :) ).  Have fun with the puzzle. I will keep posting on the french defence as often as i can. Being an amateur my comments may not be the most sharp so feedback is appreciated.

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