3rd OTB Tournament

Jun 4, 2013, 2:25 PM |

This weekend I played in my third ever OTB tournament. My first was back in October, when I scored 2/6 and got a performance rating (and also my first rating) of 669. More recently, I played in a Swiss where I scored 4/6 to tie for fouth (u1400 section) out of 60 and got a grading prize as well as increasing my rating by 305 points. This tournament was a round robin. I was in Group I, for people rated just around 1000. I was the bottom seed, at 974, while the highest was 1007. 

My first game was as Black against the top seed:

I played the third seed next:

The next day I was set to play the only other person in my group with 2/2:

3/3! I played the second seed next:

My final game was against seed number 4, on 3.5/4. I had 4/4, so I had to draw at least to be sure of first place. 

So! An exciting end. I won my Section and improved my rating by an estimated 100 points. In this tournament and the last one, I've increased it by 405 points in total, which I'm happy with. Please give me your feedback!