Crimson Gambit- An Unstoppable Force!
The Crimson Gambit is here! It's perfected to the max! Will it be good enough for you? Let's find out!

Crimson Gambit- An Unstoppable Force!

Apr 9, 2018, 7:47 AM |

Hello everyone, the long-awaited Crimson Gambit is here! This is an ultra-aggressive head on attack to checkmate! We will do whatever it takes to checkmate the enemy king!

#1: The Two Knights Defense-

Ah, the two Knights Defense, the better defense for the Italian Game in my opinion. Until the gambit comes into play......

#2: The Crimson Gambit

This gambit combines ideas from the Urusov Gambit, and the Scotch Opening! The d4 move gives your opponent a chance to make a mistake, as in "Should I take the e-pawn, or the d-pawn?" The better move is to take the d-pawn, as you see here.

#3: The Right Capture

After black takes on d4, the best move is taking whatever is on d4 with your knight on f3. You could play e5, but then it becomes too hard to play White for certian people. So, if we take on d4 Black takes back with his knight on c6, then we take back with our queen.

After this, play by this system,

1. Bg5 (if they don't move that knight on f6)

2. Nc3

3. 0-0-0

4. Re1


#4: The Wrong Capture

If they play the wrong capture, (4. Nxe4), you will have to play 5. dxe5, to get yourself a nice position. After this, you have two plans:

The Checkmate:

Qd5, Qxf7#

The Sacrifice:

Bxf7, Kxf7, Qd5

#5: Summary

This gambit excels in attacks, and also does pretty good in development and defenses, so if you love the Scotch Opening, but wish it was more aggressive, then try the Crimson Gambit!