Read Your Own Mail


by HJS

We all face situations that perplex us. We pray and ask God to do something, claiming promises from God's Word. When things don't come together as we expect, we feel that although God held out His hands toward us, asking us to walk to Him, He wasn't there to catch us and we fall. Now we hesitate, uncertain, not knowing whether or not God can be trusted. 

Do we have unrealistic expectations of what God will do? Or is it that we have been misled by those who teach that we can ask God to do anything and He will do it?

One of our problems is that we are reading other people's mail. Suppose that inadvertently the mailman put a letter addressed to your neighbor in your mailbox. Not paying attention to the address on the envelope, you open the letter and read an invitation to a dinner party next Friday night. "Great!" you think. On Friday you go to the home where the dinner party is to be held, but your name isn't on the guest list. And you are rejected.

Thus one of the principles of Bible study is asking. "To whom was this promise given? If the promise is made to a specific group or individual, is there a principle that could apply to me?" There are some promises in Scripture that are given specifically to individuals such as Abraham, David and many to His people Israel. But it doesn't necessarily mean that that promise applies to us, too.

God is faithful and He honors the heart that is fully committed to Him. As it is said, "For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him" (2 Chronicles 16:9).