World Youth Recap for USA

GM JMB2010
Nov 18, 2012, 6:16 AM |

I read a brief article on how the world youth tiebreaks work, and this is what I could see by my calculations:remember,these aren't final yet,so I'm not 100 percent positive

Under 8 Open-Christopher Shen wins bronze, with 8.5/11!

Under 12 Open-Samuel Sevian and Cameron Wheeler are each part of a 4 way tie for the gold! From what I can tell,because Samuel defeated Cameron in an earlier round,and head to head is the first tiebreak,if it comes down to these 2,Samuel gets it. However,if it doesn't come down to head to head and instead goes to Buchholz cut (Buchholz but dropping the 2 lowest scores of your opponents),anything could happen. It's too early here!

Under 14 Open:Kayden Troff wins gold! Kayden was a point behind his opponent going into the last round,but he won,and since head-to-head is the first tiebreak,he wins the gold!

Of course,there were so many other brilliant showings,but I only stuck to the medals (or potential ones)for now.