25-29 April 2014 Turkey Interuniversitary Chess Championship,Antalya Manavgat ÖRSEM Tesisleri 2

May 11, 2014, 4:15 AM |


28th April Round 6, I was white on board 7.

I played black on 7th round against our team member who was the potential scorer of the team.The game finished in my advantage to support team's point.

Me and Ahmet were the scorers of the team so there was a 'sweet' tension on us. We had to win at least 3 or 4 points in total to show up in the rank.We wanted to explore the openings that night at hotel.Pairings had bees anounced on the official site. My opponent had played e5 against e4...So I thought it would be best to play e4 instead of my usual c4. Not a quiet line of e4 but an agressive line.King's Gambit...I could not look at variations that night and went to sleep earlier than the previous nights.In the morning,refreshed,I told my team mates that I would play King's Gambit.They got excited and supported me as always. LaughingI looked at several variations of KG.Now Here we go:

29th April Round 8,I was white on board 12.It was a nice struggle when I looked back.


Ahmet was on board 11 playing next to me...He had a winning position after 15 move but it took him long to finish the endgame...


Last round of the tournament, I was black on board 7.

I started the tournament on 116th position and finished on 9th position with 7.0/9.(If I had managed to win last game I would be 5th.)

Ahmet finished on 7th position with 7.5/9.