United States Players Missing Out in World League

United States Players Missing Out in World League

Dec 28, 2014, 10:34 AM |

The World League is the largest national team tournament on chess.com.  In recent years in the largest division (division A), team matches has reached up to 400 boards per side during matches.  This includes teams such as England, Germany, Russia, Armenia, Romania, Ukraine, and the United States. 

Many years ago, when the league first started up and as teams formed, the World League announced that each nation could only have one team representing their country.  Most of these teams had to be represented with the label "Team" in front of the countries' name.  But due to this being an American site, and the overwhelming number of Americans on the site, the World League made an exception to one country, the United States of America.  They were split into six regional groups to combat a player monopoly. (Team USA: NE, SE, NC, SC, NW, SW.)  In the four seasons played only one of these teams were able to stick around Division A for longer than a year. (Team USA: SouthWest)

As the popularity of chess.com grew and expanded, players from countries all around the World flocked to their national teams.  Team USA's regional teams were not keeping up with the other countries in numbers.

When it became apparent that USA should consider consolidating into one team, many Americans believed the USA would easily win the World Championship on chess.com with all the combining regional teams into one. 

The reality is that half of every regional team relocated into Team USA, and the other half either did not want to move to Team USA, or the members had not been logged on for a significant amount of time, and therefore were empty members.

This is an amazing statistic!  As of 12/28/2014, the USA has 3,938,811 accounts.  Next closest country has less than a million. (India- 972,665)http://www.chess.com/members/member_countries

It would appear obvious that Team USA would have an overwhelming amount of players flooding into the group, however the striking realism is that the vast majority of Americans play Live chess, bullet, blitz, and standard and either do not have a rating in online correspondence chess, or they have not met the 10 game minimum to play.

For those that play correspondence online chess, this is a great place to play with fellow Americans and help the team become World Champions, possibly this year.

If Americans are having trouble locating the team, and you have a chance to read this, drop a note and we will send try to send you an invitation.  The league begins January of 2015, and the team requests that members play one match a month (2 concurrent games) during the season.  Go USA!