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Dinosaur Blog#3 5 Ways To Tell If Their A Real

Dinosaur Blog#3 5 Ways To Tell If Their A Real

Jun 29, 2016, 5:21 PM 11

This next blog is on how to tell if someone/something is a dino!

No.1 Check skin color (I've gone over this in blog#2) us dinos have dark skin color. If their pink their obviously not a dino!

#2 Dumb Dinos. They don't exist! The average dino has an IQ of over 9000! I've also gone over this and my IQ in blog #2

#3 If you say "steak" we will go crazy we will jump up and down and yell "FOOOOOOOOD!". Try and sneak this into a sentance and if they don't go "gaga" their an imposter.

#4 Size us dinos are about 4'00" when we are born and by 20 were 10 feet! If their too tiny they're fraud.

#5 All dinos play chess it is their favorite board game. If they don't know how to play chess there a potato. Yes I said it POTATO ALL CHESS HATERS ARE POTATOS.

Thank you for reading my blog and down below in the comment section please post what you want to see more for future blogs #10 more reasons to tell if their a dino, or a another hilarious story.

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