Weekly Dinosaur Blog #2 Barney Is Not  A DINO

Weekly Dinosaur Blog #2 Barney Is Not A DINO

Jun 22, 2016, 7:17 AM |

So the type of Dinosaur I am is T-Rex. Not Barney. Barney isn't even a dinosaur. He's a fat fat man in a suit. Also Barney (unlike me) was born from two humans (Justin Bieber and {insert randomname of ugly} which is why he is so ugly!) I was born from two dinosaurs who were both T-REX! Real T-Rex are green/brown (dark colors)  Barney is purple... Not saying purples is a bad color, I love it but T-rex are not purple... So also Barney is tiny. He's an adult (6o yrs+) I'm his size and I'm 6o yrs-. Barney has long arms, which is actually cool (yeah, I'm jelous of Barney.... Jk) Us Dinosaurs have small arms, we are super genious's average IQ of over 9000! Mine is 10,421 (I psychicCool)  Barney has an IQ of 39. Yep I met and asked him. Barney does know how to play chess suprisingly he opens with scholars mate though and always failed my game with him was 1.e4, e5 2. Bc4, Nf6 3.Qh5???, Nxh5 then Barney cursed and flipped the board over and called me cheater-head. I just left the room and went home (Barney's house sux). That night he went in my house while I was sleeping and jumped on my bed and yelled "John Cena". But I am a Japanese Martiel Arts Master so I put him in a Ju-Jitsu hold and threw him out the window. That was the last time I ever saw Barney...