Schliemann Defense Tourney. (1st round)


Just finished my games for the first round of a correspondence Schliemann Defense tournament. I am doing the analysis on these games mostly for myself, but feel free to comment on any mistakes I made.

This first game was an easy win against an unprepared opponent.

The next one (same opponent, but I play black) was a little more interesting. I grabbed a couple of pawns early in the game and my center was left weak, making things a little bit complicated. In the transition to the endgame, I managed to win an exchange with a win soon after.

The next game, I played, perhaps the most complicated line in the opening and trapped his queen.

The next game, my opponent gave me a lot of opening chances, which I somehow missed. Eventually, I found a fork and traded to a winning ending.

The next game was a very pretty and sacrificial game in the mainline of the d4 line. This is the most fun game to look at.

Next was a messy game in the mainline where both of us made many mistakes.

On to the last two games. These were against the highest rated player in the group. Here, I was completely outplayed as white.

In this final game, I was outplayed once again, but my opponent blundered and I managed to hold a difficult draw.

In this tournament, the top two players in each group move on. Assuming the high ranking player wins his last continuing game, I should finish second in our group, moving on. I would've liked first, but now I can move on to play against stronger players.