Grandmaster in the broom closet

My friend Chris who used to play on his company's chess team about thirty years ago in London says that one day the janitor, a wisened old man, said something about having been a Russian grandmaster. Unfortunately for the company chess team no one paid much heed to the old man because this old man turned to have been GM Budovsky, a student and teammate of the great Alexander Alekhine. Incidentally, the 3-man chess team included Salman Rushdie who has since become a famous author and controversial figure. 


  • 4 years ago


    yes balachandar, he plays chess. he used to be a copy writer for a cosmetics firm in england (where he got started as a writer) and he played on the company chess team. he used to be very good according to chris. but i don't know if he still plays. chris is elo 1800+ . 

  • 4 years ago


    I didn't know that Salman Rushide played chess. 

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