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Aberystwyth vs Bangor Varsity 2015

Aberystwyth vs Bangor Varsity 2015

Apr 20, 2015, 3:31 AM 0

Aberystwyth recently comepeted in a Varsity Chess match against Bangor and triumphed 3-2! Bangor brought down 5 players to Aber and we played a single match in Classic time controls.

More games with in depth analysis will follow, but first, the game on board 6.

With Robbie Wright winning 9 games out of 10 at BUCCs, he had reason to be confident. That said, no one could have expected to win in the first 10 minutes, this quick win early on definitely gave Aber a psychological edge. Robbie played the Coptic Gambit against the Italian Opening.

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