Critical self review for two years worth of games

Aug 8, 2016, 10:28 PM |

On 09 August 2014, my rating was 1752.  On 08 August 2016, my rating is 1854.  So I have improved my play about one-half a class (~100 rating points) in two years.

If I were a serious player, I think I might be disappointed.  But out of the 633 online/correspondence/turn-based bame I have completed, to date, 203 were unrated.  I like to play for fun; to chat; to make friends; and to teach. 

I am not a serious student of the game, like perhaps I should be.  Call me lazy.  Can me unfocused.  Both are true.  And I can deal with that.  Hard work can make up for some lack of natural ability. 

I have been working on my endgames, where I have bled away critical half points.  My middle game tactics are just so-so.  Part of my problem is playing too many games at once - and missing nuances in the position.

But another part is that I just do not understand facets of the game.  There have been several games recently where I thought I played really well, only to find in the post-game computer review, I made many mistakes, maybe just not as many as my opponent.  So that is a disconnect.

Is 2000 a realistic goal?  Hard to say.  I like to reach for the stars, but the bruises that come from falling back to Earth can hurt at times.