Jan 17, 2015, 3:38 PM |

This blog is probably not what you were expecting.  I want to say a few words about my friend, Geoff (Geoff_Boggler on the site).  He passed away from a heart attack this past November 22nd.  His memorial was held on December 20, 2014.

I awakened early this morning to sign on and read this tragic news.  He was just 53 years old.  Truthfully, he looked much older.  A couple of years ago, he lost his wife to cancer.  He said that his friends here helped him through those long months.  I don't think it was a heart attack, as much as it was a broken heart.

Geoff was one of my first friends on the site.  He welcomed me into his clubs - we especially shared a love of pop music.  We traded Beatles trivia.  We chatted, swapped stories, even played a game of chess!

He was an old school gentleman.  Geoff has a great sense of humor.  He sometimes answered posts with a quirky one-word reply.  Often, it was "shoes."  I never quite understood, but I smiled when I saw it.

In my mind, I figured it was short for "Blue Suede Shoes" - a song we both liked.  Who knows?

He was a talented musician.  I saw some of his YouTube videos.  I admired his talent.  It is how I will remenber him.  Talented.  Kind.  One of the good guys.

I am sitting here in the library, about to break out in tears again as I write this.  I thought I had cried my eyes dry earlier today, but it seems not.

I am going to cut this one short.  I have so much I can say about Geoff, I just don't have the ability to say it.

For those you you who knew him, please recount the good times.