Sunflowers, Katy Perry, and Freedom

Apr 30, 2015, 4:48 PM |

Why is Katy Perry's Sunflower Dress Causing a Ruckus?

Accidental activist and pop star Katy Perry showed up to her Tuesday night show in Taipei, Taiwain, wearing a dress adorned with sunflowers, which, incidentally was draped in more than spring equinox metaphors. It was draped in
... political statements....

For those who are confused about how Perry got entwined in this controversy, here's a brief history lesson to catch you up to speed: a year ago, protesters occupied Taiwan's parliament in response to trade agreements with China. These protesters — who were mostly students — felt China had too much influence. The sunflower was utilized as a symbol to represent the movement and ultimately, optimism.














Well, good for Katy Perry!  Even if it was unintended.  The picture, above, was from a show she gave in the UK in May 2014.  Sometimes things are just serendipitous. 

And sometimes they work out better than planned.

Below is what she wore in Taiwan.  If that pissed off the ChiComs; if the idea of hope, optimism, and freedom... well the Peking needs to grow a pair.  I'm not big on green, but it looks great on you, Katy.