Unikat-Automat Team Disaster

Sep 3, 2016, 5:46 PM |

The semi-finals of the Season7 "It's a Knockout" team match-tournament is scheduled to begin in a little over six hours.  One semifinal involves the team I coordinate, Team "Monika" - run by WFM Monika Gedvilaite, the Irish Womens' National Champion.

We are scheduled to play against the Unikat-Automat Team.  Something happened to their roster.  I am told one of the administrators disabled the team.  In any case, they have no players.

Their internal strife is not my problem.  I spent many hours assembling the strongest team ever fielded by "Monika."  I felt we were at least as strong as our opponent, and perhaps even better.

The violations of the tournament rules (altering the roster without cause) are enough to eliminate them.  If they can not make the minimum board count, that should also be enough to eliminate them.  If it had been any other team, but the one who constantly heaps scorn upon it's opponents, and berates the administrators of other teams, I might be inclined to cut them a break.

But they dug their own hole.  It is not incumbent on me to pull them out.