Where the rubber meets the road ...

Nov 8, 2014, 2:29 AM |

"Where the rubber meets the road" is an idiom that describes a moment of truth.  It is when preparation is put into action.  It is when one's principles are put to the test.

We all like to think our opponents are honest, but the reality is, there are a substantial number of cheats on the site.  And we are going to run into some eventually.  They might even be friends.  They might even run some of the groups we are in.

So, what do we do about the cheats in our chess lives?  Reporting them is a good start.  But the site has woefully inadequate security when it comes to blocking their return, especially the psychos and trolls.

What do we do when we know that a player on our team is a cheat?  Or when we know that a team harbors trolls.  The question becomes a "gut check" of our principles.

Either we act or we surrender.  I choose to act.

As I mentioned in another blog entry about cheaters and sandbaggers, there is a returned cheater on the site who has been welcomed back with open arms by some clubs here.  It is a sad commentary on the ethics of the groups that would have him.

I can, and have, blocked the person, but my principles require that the clubs which knowingly use him in match or administrative roles be named as well - and I do that below.  I know that while I have any influence, and while this person remains on these clubs, we will shun them.

That is one price of employing cheaters.  It is a small price, but if enough other admnistrators show some similar backbone, the costs of using cheaters will become apparent.

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