I.M. Javier Gil chess group now open!

I.M. Javier Gil chess group now open!

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Jun 7, 2016, 10:03 AM |

What is chess.clinic?


I'm an International Master and professional chess coach, and I've been teaching chess for more than 20 years.

Chess.clinic is basically a group focused on chess coaching. It is also a showcase of our professional chess coaching site www.chess.clinic

Here you'll be able to find things such as:

  • Free annotated games
  • Free pdf files with full annotations
  • Free Video Lessons
  • Free Chess Quizzes

I'd also like to answer questions and provide advice as often as I can. Bear in mind however that I earn a living as a chess coach, this is my  main dedication, it's what I do for a job.

There a 2 things that I'd like to highlight about this group:  

  1. One is that most of the files and material found here will be Free.
  2. The other is that I've spent a great deal of time on each of these files, quizzes, videos and annotated games. Leaving modesty on the side, I think you will not easily find content of this quality anywhere else on the internet. Honestly. Try it out and see for yourself, there's a whole bunch of free stuff ready to be downloaded right now!