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Killing your computer: Deep Junior 6

Killing your computer: Deep Junior 6

Apr 8, 2016, 10:43 AM 0

Granted, this might have happened a while ago, but don't you just love it when you see a chess computer getting smashed by a human? The superiority of our minds is proven by the fact that if someone organised a tournament tomorrow where we had to play on a 10x10 squares chess board, no computer would be able to "adapt" until a bunch of programmers spent at least a couple of months coding and getting rid of the bugs. A human would adapt to the new conditions in a matter of seconds. Wasn't it Charles Darwin who said that those who survive are not the strongest ones, but those who adapt the best? Innocent

Whilst you think about that, here's Kramnik literally killing Deep Junior 6. 

(Note: The comments to the game were added several years ago)

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