This one's for Infosys Hyderabad Chess players!!!

Nov 4, 2010, 12:33 PM |

Infosys Hyderabad has been lucky for my interest in chess, as I've found a few people who are genuinely passionate about the game. Thanks to the recent chess tournaments that we had, I got to know the chess circle here, which would have taken a really long time for someone like me who is a total newcomer to this city and company both! Blogging has always interested me and the idea of starting a chess blog like this came from Krishna Chaitanya, who posted a recent game of his to show how helpless one can be if he is careless in the openings.

Here goes the game that I wanted to share since so long(surprisingly, a few of my colleagues watched this game and those who couldn't watch it asked me for the notations so here it goes!). It was one of those days when things fell in place for me, as my opponent, Daksh is the kind of player who fights it out till the very end, even if he's down in material. These kind of players are always all the more dangerous as they keep you on your toes. Being a player who's not much confident about his openings, I rely on taking the game to a complicated middlegame to extract something favourable and this was the game in which I got exactly that. For anyone who cares to analyze this, any comments/suggestion/criticism is most welcome: