Petroff Defense for the win! Also great example of the natural central outpost for the knight

Apr 1, 2016, 7:36 PM |
Hi there,  I wanted to share a recent game I played against the computer level 4, which I think makes the same kind of descisions that somone in the 900s - 1200s range tends to make.  I decided to use the Petroff Defense, which I am liking because of the central outpost for the knight it can make. 
I'm still relatively new to "serious" Chess and so to get better I have been reading several books like "Simple Chess" and "My System" by Nimowitsch and "The Amateur's Mind" by Silman.  I have added commentary based on what I have been learning there and from the Prodigy Program that I am a part of.
I hope this was helpful!