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Chess playbook: Ultimate chess

Chess playbook: Ultimate chess

Aug 17, 2017, 7:23 AM 2

Hello in chess playbook I review chess video games and training after beating/completing them. This time I played ultimate chess which is a online game that is become quite popular for its animated play of captures that it has it's own site.( Ultimate chess dot com) warning this game is not for kids to play (the capture scenes are very violent and show blood) which is a little disturbing since its on a lot of kid based online game websites. The goal of the game is to achieve all 50 executions which I have done but not something I'm particularly proud off because for 1 one of the 50 tasks is to stalemate the opposing king and another is to be checkmate yourself. The game is already bad when your not really encouraged to win but that's a stretch for stalemate as that could entail a thrilling game but for a game to actually encourage you to lose ?? And on top of that she to the different executions this game encourages you to alter your play tremendously for the sake of achieving all 50 tasks. As for the strength of the actual computer well it is more of a beginner but has some sense. Of all the games I played simply to get a winning position then purposely start to play weird to get the tasks the 3rd game when I was being serious pretty much sums up it's strength. (1st game I lost on purpose and 2nd stalemate on purpose to get those 2 tasks out the way.) I'm these blogs I do rare the overall game out of 5 but before that I will always show at least 1 game. Enjoy!

[Update 9/19/17 with some analysis]

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